Meet Rachael

Raised by rock-n-roll hippies in the foothills of Colorado, Rachael founded Acronychous to bring modern nail art and design to her home state. She's been nail obsessed all her life and vividly remembers spending hours perfecting her two-tone polish jobs in fourth grade. When visiting a friend in Brooklyn in 2012, she got a nail art gel manicure for the first time and her brain basically exploded. 

Encouraged by her mentor and fellow badass nail tech Rachael Waggonner to express her creativity in a new way, she started nail school and was licensed six months later.  

Having never felt comfortable, relaxed or particularly safe in non-standard, strip-mall nail salons, Rachael wanted to create a business that focused on excellent client relations, unique and original nail art, safe products and lasting results. She utilizes the best, new procedures and equipment for manicuring and pedicuring with small batch, hand made lotions and oils.

With a professional career spanning eight years in video games and customer service, Rachael brings a playful eye to her designs. She'll also ensure that you have the best experience possible while in her shop. A master knitter and all around crafty lady, her attention to detail, balance in design aesthetic and eye for pattern result in beautiful nail art manicures!


Why Choose Us?

Safety is my first priority! I follow all state protocols for disinfection and sanitation as well as take extra precautions by using 'single-use' implements for your service. I am fully licensed to provide nail services and continue my education with regular seminars and workshops. 

I am committed to reducing or eliminating your exposure to nasty chemical crap! That's why I use high quality products that make use of the newest nail technology on the market. 

  • LED lamps are used to cure gel polishes.

  • High quality gel products require less coats for full color and less time to cure.

  • No monomer liquid is used at the salon which means no odor or headaches!

  • Hard gel extensions require little to no filing which means no dust!

  • Top of the line dust and odor capture system used for additional protection.

For your Health & Safety...

Unfortunately, safety / sanitation regulations and state protocols are not followed in most nail salons. Improper disinfectant procedures put clients at risk for bacterial, viral and fungal infections (some sources say up to 75% of salons in the states do not follow state protocol). Most nail salons won't turn away paying customers which means that people who are sick or have nail infections/fungus are having services performed next to you instead of being referred to the appropriate medical professional. 

Actual Nail Art

Not just an accent nail or a sparkly polish! I specialize in and LIVE FOR custom nail art! Be sure to check out the "See our Work" page to see some of the designs I offer. Got a Pinterest board of nail ideas or follow some awesome nail techs on Instagram? Bring in a photo to your next appointment and let's make it happen! 

A New Salon Experience...

Sit Back & Relax

Having your nails done is supposed to be a relaxing time. A time for you to chill out, enjoy some pampering, perhaps a glass of wine or hot cup of tea and leave the salon feeling refreshed with a "money well spent" euphoria glimmering around you! I never felt particularly relaxed during or after getting services at most nail salons, so I strive to make your time here the epitome of "good vibes"! Enjoy professional conversation or just put your head back and zone out! Sip on something tasty and nuzzle into the comfy furniture while getting your service with the newest and best nail technology. I look forward to meeting you and working on your nails!